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Having been a pet sitter for many years now, I have encountered a variety of pet health requirements and ailments. I feel more than confident to say that I am qualified to handle whatever situation I may confront. I am certified in pet first-aid and CPR, which is a skill that I have already implemented successfully. There is nothing that affects me so significantly as an animal in distress, and I would do absolutely anything in my power to prevent such an occurrence. Below you can view a video example of how I handle a special needs animal!

My method to successfully administer insulin to a diabetic cat!


Previously, I was employed by the pet sitting company called All Critter Sitter in McKinney, Texas. I was commended Employee of the Year during my last year there. This is an honor that did not exist before my reception of it, due to their belief that I deserved some sort of significant recognition for the work and effort that I had put in to the company and my performance.

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